Welcome To Our School

The Management and Staff of Ramanujan Group of Educational Institutions (RGEI) welcomes you to our informative website. We are confident that you will find the information present on this website useful and at the same time provide an insight into the schools functioning under this prestigious group.

Brij Nath Dina Nath (BNDN) Memorial Educational Society was founded in memory of Lt. Brij Nath and Lt. Dr. Dina Nath. To fulfil their pious & sacred mission and complete their noble task of social elevation through value based education, Dr. Gyan Chandra - Founder and Chairman of Ramanujan Group of Educational Institutions (RGEI) prompted by his filial duty, established Ramanujan Public School in 1995 under the patronage of Brij Nath Dina Nath (BNDN) Memorial Educational Society. The society is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 under sec 12 A & 80 G of the Income Tax Act.

From Manager's Desk

One of the most important decisions that a parent makes is the choice of education for his / her child. An equally important decision that a school can make is to further that choice. At RGEI, we have taken that plunge. We have given ourselves a mandate to provide each child with a never ending thirst for knowledge. To carry out this mandate, we have left no stone unturned.

To inculcate the ‘How and Why’ frame of mind in every student, the school has aimed to commit itself to the cause of holistic education which is focused on the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive need of its students.

Thank you for your interest in RGEI. I hope that you will join us in our endeavours in providing a platform to our students providing a plethora of meaningful learning experiences thereby inspiring them to be confident learners and innovative thinkers.